Gothic Fantasy and New Age

Gothic Fantasy and New Age Gifts

Gifts Gothic Fantasy and New Age Gifts and Statues, including dragons, gargoyles, grim reapers, witches and wizards, all characters steeped in myth and magic. So perfect for mythical, magical, gothic, fantasy and new age Gift Shops and fairs.

Gifts Dragons and Gargoyles are especailly popular in New Age and Gift Shops that sell Fantasy Products. Other Gothic products include Tree Men, Skulls, Dragon Statues and Gifts, Gargoyles and Bikers.

Our ranges include resin and ceramic items, plus not just decorative items but, Dragon Oil Burners, Gargoyle Candle Holders, incense burners, bookends, money boxes, chess sets, Skull tic tac toes and much more, all perfect for New Age Shops.

Best Sellers: Large Gargoyles, Dragon Mirror, and Gifts Tree Man Oil Burner.

Other Categories of interest: Gifts Dragons, Gifts Gargoyles, Fairies, Buddhas


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