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GoldenGooseGifts Animal Themed Gifts.

This section of GoldenGooseGifts brings together our massive range of products and groups them by Animal Themes. The idea is to make it easy for you to browse through and order our products.

The range includes GoldenGooseGifts Animal Figures of the wild and ferocious variety and the cute and cuddly variety. There are Animal Themed Gifts including Money Boxes, Mugs, Springy Animals and Soft Toys, plus check out our new GoldenGooseGifts Novelty Toy category for Squidgy Rats, Squeezable Dolphins and Flashing Frog Rings.

There is bound to be a Themed Gift Selection here for you, but dont forget if you would rather check out the items by product, you can search in our other categories such as GoldenGooseGifts Ceramics, Money Boxes and more.

Best Selling Themes: Cat Themed Gifts and Farmyard Themed Gifts.

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Thermometer - Great Wave

Code: Thermo-09Status: In StockEan: 5055796523276
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Redhead Nude

Code: Thermo-06Status: In StockEan: 5055796523245
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Nude & Sunflower

Code: Thermo-07Status: In StockEan: 5055796523252
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Watching

Code: Thermo-02Status: In StockEan: 5055796523207
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Nude & Ern

Code: Thermo-05Status: In StockEan: 5055796523238
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Green Dress

Code: Thermo-03Status: In StockEan: 5055796523214
£3.40 £4.00

Thermometer - Earth Wizard

Code: Thermo-01Status: In StockEan: 5055796523191
£3.40 £4.00

Angels & Demons - Pearl Ball

Code: AdJew-07Status: In Stock

Ladybird Massager

Code: MASS-11Status: In Stock

Tibetan Fringe Bag - Sml Over Flap & Pouch

Code: TibFB-03Status: In StockEan: 5055796523788

Small Black Beaten Bowl - 14cm

Code: Tib-84Status: In Stock

Tibetan Fringe Bag - Medium & 2 Pouch

Code: TibFB-02Status: In StockEan: 5055796523771

Tibetan Fringe Bag - Large & 3 Pouch

Code: TibFB-01Status: In StockEan: 5055796523764

Log Bag Wheel of Life Bag - Orange

Code: TibWB-07Status: In StockEan: 5055796523733

Brass Mini Tingsha - Om Mani

Code: Tib-41Status: In Stock


Tibetan Fringe Bag - Sml Over Flap & Pouch

Code: TibFB-03Status: In StockEan: 5055796523788

Clock - Kensington Station

Code: Britclk-01Status: In StockEan: 5055796522873
£9.31 £10.95

Hand Carved Wooden Chess Set

Code: IChess-01Status: In StockEan: 5055796536535
£84.15 £99.00

Rainbow Moonstone Sphere Pendulum

Code: BAllmp-15Status: In Stock